5 Minute Dish – Tortellini on a bed of arugula and bresaola finished of with Thyme butter sauce

This is one of the best 5 Minute Dishes I know! Boil the pasta and prepare the rest while cooking!

Ingredients (2 Persons)

Tortellini su letto di rucola e bresaola rifiniti con salsa al burro di timo
200GramFresh tortellini
25GramFresh thyme leaves
25GramOlive oil
50GramParmesan rasp


  1. Have the water boil for the fresh pasta.
  2. Melt butter on very low setting in microwave together with olive oil and thyme leaves.
  3. Boil pasta in 4 minutes.
  4. Put Bresaola on the bottom of the plates.
  5. Put the arugula on top of it.
  6. Then the pasta when done.
  7. Drizzle thyme butter sauce on top.
  8. Finish of with Parmesan rasp.

And your 5 Minute Dish is done! You enjoy!

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