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  • Looping Navajo Nation

    Looping Navajo Nation

    The second trip around Arizona takes us along the Native Nations of the Navajo and the Hopi. Seeing the Grand Canyon, Page Arizona with the amazing Lake Powel and the Horseshoe Bend. Then the impressive Petrified Forest and the massive Meteor Crater. Truly impressive!

  • Amazing last days, closed of with BnB honoured by congress and Senators

    Amazing last days, closed of with BnB honoured by congress and Senators

    Antelope Canyon First call on the morning to the Antelope Canyon. Beautiful sand rock formations created by the erosion of flash floods. If flipping the pictures is too slow, please find the full gallery below! Full gallery Shooting Might as well try out some shooting will I’m here. Last time around I was 14 and…

  • Tame the Colorado

    Tame the Colorado

    Tame the Colorado Travelled from Sedona to Page today. Saw the horseshoe bend and got some inspiration in the visiting Center of the local dam. Met two friends from Israel and learned some Yiddish over a nice Arizona Amber. Always nice to meet people with the same interests!

  • Flying, running, ranching, exploring Arizona in full!

    Flying, running, ranching, exploring Arizona in full!

    Arcologies in real life at Arcosanti When your city reached it’s limits in Sim City you would start building Arcologies. Huge buildings were people could work, consume and sleep. I’ve seen lot’s of reports of buildings being developed like that. But the Italian Architect Polani actually started experimenting with this in real life over in…

  • Bryce Beauty

    Bryce Beauty

    A long drive from Vegas to Bryce Canyon. But definately worth it! Didn’t expect it to be so cold. Awaiting Sunset in shorts is not recommandabele in this time of the year. But I did stick around to share some nice views with you!  

  • Death Valley

    Death Valley

    Death Valley. Heard a lot about it, but didn’t expect it to be so divers.  A lot of different sceneries. Already had skipped a view items of the list. But the park is so massive that I just got to Badwater on time to see the salt plains!  What an amazing country!

  • Christmas charity

    The last few years each Christmas I carefully picked some charities each Christmas to donate. Since a crashed my bike earlier this month and it had to repaired, I actually thought about skipping this year… But I can’t get it over my heart as we say in Dutch. I decided to make two small donations…

  • Storming the ABN AMRO headquarter for charity!  Our department is storming the ABN AMRO headquarter for charity this afternoon!  Participating in an estafette run through the office. We’re supporting homeless youngsters in India with housing, education and health services.  Support them, Support us, Support for India! Donate one amount here or support per lap here.  Choose A54 Team Max, A53  Team Nicole or…

  • Time to start running!

    Just finished my previous post around 0200 this morning and had a bit of a light sleep. I was very excited about the run though and in a rush to get to the Amsterdam Railway station near the dam. It always crowded with people, now even more as the Damloop is the biggest running event…

  • Leaving Dallas, leaving New Orleans, Leaving the States!

    Dallas On my my third and last day in Dallas, I headed over to the Ford Center and would have loved to get a tour. Unfortunately all was sold out, but I still had a good time, playing ball on the turf on front of the building with random other sporting enthousiasts! After a quick…

  • Livestrong in Austin to Cowboys game day in Dallas

    Livestrong Taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge during my last holiday 3 years ago in Lisbao Portugal, I said that sports is a huge part of my life and I can not imagine what it would be like to gradually loose to capability to be sporting. Mr. Armstrong is a huge example of going…

  • Day 20, 21 & 22 – 1 Week left, amazing Texas!

    Day 20, 21 & 22 – 1 Week left, amazing Texas!

    Austin After my previous post I got ready to get over to the Rainey street. A really nice location right near to where I was staying with lots of bars and outside music. I sat down in the Banger’s Beer Garden. Specialised in sausages I had two great hot dog’s over there. Met some guys from…

  • Day 18 & 19 – Finally in Texas

    Day 18 & 19 – Finally in Texas

    After that amazing jump I went on the El Paso Texas, Odessa and then Austin. I actually thought it might be a bit of a boring ride. Thinking of western like deserts and nothing much in between. Really happy I’m also doing this drive by bike tough. Had one of my best hotel experience and one…

  • Day 17 Jump!

    Day 17 Jump!

    I’m so excited over today that I did I want bother to write to much about it. After spending the night at my friends place, I thanked Kat and Michael Cawley for the hospitality. Headed my way to 13500 feet over Elroy. That’s a bit more then 4 Km. It was amazing! I met with…

  • Day 16 Target reached, target raised!

    Day 16 Target reached, target raised!

    Stood up rather early to get ready for a morning run. Wanted to get on my back quickly to return to Phoenix to meet with family and stay with friends. My morning run got a but out of control though. I’d driven to the beach and wanted to see both Solana Beach as well as…

  • Day 15 On my way to Davis Aggies game

    Day 15 On my way to Davis Aggies game

    After arriving in Phoenix I rushed to San Diego to see the Davis game. Unfortunately I did not make it on time. I hadn’t planned this part of the trip yet, and last minute booking on BNB got me a tent in a backyard eventually. Had a great stay though! After dropping my stuff of…

  • Day 13 & 14 – Las Vegas Phoenix

    Day 13 & 14 – Las Vegas Phoenix

    As mentioned I went over to Las Vegas early. Turns out there is plenty to do besides gambling. After breakfast I did a quick run over the strip. It was already getting really warm though. Went over to see Eaglerider. They Harley was not cooling enough in this weather and had started to burn my leg.…

  • Day 12 – Indio Las Vegas

    Day 12 – Indio Las Vegas

    Actually thought I would be staying over in around Bagdad or Siberia today. There was even a Yurk for rent, but that was on the south side of Joshua Tree. That wouldn’t have helped me much further. Bagdad and Siberia actually are ghost-towns. I did not even notice I’d already driven through. So I decided…

  • Day 11 – Heading East, thinking of Houston

    Day 11 – Heading East, thinking of Houston

    I met Susan Nwokedi at breakfast this morning. The day before we had an interesting talk about the Nigeria and Africa in general. Our first topic was more even more serious, or better actual, though. Susan actually lives in Houston and got stranded. She might be able to fly back on Friday, but that is…

  • Day 8, 9 & 10 – Monterrey and LA

    Day 8, 9 & 10 – Monterrey and LA

      Arriving in Monterrey, I planned to grab a quick bite and then ride around town. Being along the coast I’d just had to try some seafood. The Fish Grove got recommended. Family owned for 70 years and running smoothly. Tried the local catch. Redbarsh with risotto. It was so good I already eat most…