Haas House Hilversum



This is the current layout. Plenty of space. But very boxed! I’m really curious how much the update is going to add!


I’ll add these later! Need to work out some details first.

Inspiration – Food for thoughts!

Annihilating the attic!

If you create storage, you end up filling it! Let’s remove the attic while it is still empty. A ceiling on the first floor of 2 meters is a bit outdated. (I didn’t want to say it is so 1930’s)

Floating stairs?

The stairs need to cover 3 meters and are virtually vertical at the moment! I like the idea of a fortress, but want to consolidate the space anyway. So how about a semi-open stair?

Light from above

And if you then have a huge open hole in the middle of the living room. Why not make sure there will be plenty of sun coming through from above? I participated in competition of Velux.nl last month. The winner receives €2.500 of their goods to be installed. I’m not sure if I need all that. But this would certainly open a window of opportunities ?!

A classic rear facade vs the extra space

Obviously I like the charm of the house. But how about a few meters of extra space?

Pour myself a perfect concrete kitchen?

Need I say more?


In the meanwhile…


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