Oseh Oseh Meatballs

Childhood memories. My father is no Michelin chef, but this family recipe was by far our favourite! Perhaps not very photogenic of a home-cooked meal. But oh so delicious!


500Gram(Vegatarian) Minced meat
12TablespoonsCoconut flour
6TablespoonsShredded onions
4PiecesShredded garlic
2TeaspoonsSambal / Indonesian chili sauce
2TeaspoonsLaos / Greater galanger powder
2TeaspoonsKetoembar / Coriander powder
2TeaspoonsDjinten / Cumin powder
1TeaspoonKentjoer / Kencur (aka Sand Ginger)
6PiecesPuffed kemiri nuts
66GramSanten / Concentrated Coconut pulp
6SproutsTamarind water
4LeavesDjeruk purut leaves


  1. Rub below ingredients into a solid balanced paste.

    • Onions,
    • Garlic,
    • Sambal,
    • Laos / Greater galanger powder,
    • Ketoembar / Coriander powder,
    • Djinten / Cumin powder,
    • Kentjoer / Kencur,
    • Kemiri nuts,
    • Salt.
  2. Knead the herb paste into the meat. Let it rest for an hour or preferably even longer.
  3. You can make smaller or larger meatballs if you like.
  4. Use a pan with a nice and thick bottom. When the oil is hot broil the meat, while turning regularly. Arrosing the meat with the gravy helps bringing the flavour out.
  5. When the meat starts to become light-brownish of colour it’s time to add the Tamarind water, the shredded Santen, the sprouts of lemongrass and the Djeruk purut leaves.
  6. Let the Oseh-Oseh simmer for about an hour. if necessary add water every now and again.

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