Repost: Red Bull thyme sauce

Want to try something new for Christmas?

Red Bull Thyme Sauce

Ingredients per person

125 Gram         Steak (preferably more)

1    Can           Red Bull

1    Spoon        Maizena (or other blank binder)

1    Teaspoon    Caster sugar

½ Bouquet      Thyme


First reduce the Red Bull with the thyme to half the original quantity in your saucepan. Now get the bouquet out. By this time it should have shed must of its flavour  Get some of its leaves of the bouquet and put it back in the sauce for the appearance. Add the caster sugar and let it dissolve (if you need a fresh sauce you can let the sugar out). Now add the Maizena and keep whisking it on the stove until it has the correct thickness. Get the sauce of the fire and sear the meat.

Serve this dish with mashed potatoes and a stir-fried vegetable garnish. I used mushrooms, an onion, some spring onions and bean sprouts. For the appearance you’d want to use differently coloured vegetables to get a nice colour palet. Unfortunately I was so focussed on my steak, I forgot the red pepper lying in my fridge. Bon appetite!


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