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  • 2 Weeks in – Demolition mode

    2 Weeks in – Demolition mode

    2 weeks into renovating my new home in Hilversum. Time for a quick update! First floor Removed the ceiling and opened up the attic. Wasn’t going to use all that space anyway. Also removed all the walls and floor boards. Surprisingly some of the wooden planks dropped and cracked. Well after 90 years… We ran…

  • Haas House Hilversum

    Haas House Hilversum

    Layouts Original This is the current layout. Plenty of space. But very boxed! I’m really curious how much the update is going to add! Drafts I’ll add these later! Need to work out some details first. Inspiration – Food for thoughts! Annihilating the attic! If you create storage, you end up filling it! Let’s remove…