Freedom is more then the chance to enjoy life. The chance to grow and get the best out of yourself and your environment. Freedom is important and easily forgotten in good times. So if you’re enjoying the moment keep in mind; You’re enjoying freedom!


I know my role is small in the bigger picture. My actions will not have immediate impact. Together we make this world. I think it is important that your money keeps its value. That is why I enjoy being an economist and working in the financial markets. Transactions should be as efficient as possible, so you can rely on your pension.

Football, American that is!

In 2011 I was cycling to get into shape and start to play rugby, when I started my working live. One night, I’d driven to the next city and did a quick lap with a friend of mine. After having diner I stepped into the train to go home, quietly enjoying the music on my headset. Then suddenly an American guy jumps into the train shouting: “You must be a football player!”.

I can be a bit stubborn, my train was about to leave and he had to get on a different one. After two minutes of lobbying he had to step out and I was still planning on playing Rugby. Giving me his card he insisted I’d to try out Rugby, try Football and then decide for myself.

Apparently he was a colleague of a mate of mine and working in my hometown. The next day we had a beer, the tuesday after that I had my first practice and immediately subscribed. By now I’ve not only been an active player, but have also been coaching several youth teams for 3 years and since 2015 I’m on the board of the national American Football team as a treasurer.

Football is a huge part of my life and Coach Hartman literally changed my life! Only one thing I love more than Football!


I had the pleasure of studying at the College for Hospitality Management. A welcome side effect of learning to manage at a hotel is all the fancy meals you can make afterwards! I still like to treat my guests with a good home-made burger or gourmet 5 course dinner!


I’ve got a passion for music and I like to show it! Want to eavesdrop? Check my Tumblr or Soundcloud!

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